Make Up Your Pregnancy Medicine Cabinet Checklist Now With These Pre Requisites

lawPregnancy is although a temporary condition for the cause of good, yet it invites host of aberrations in the health and living for the lady.

Most of these conditions could be alleviated through symptoms based common medicines and formulations except a few where the med intervention is sought.


So the case of an expanded pregnancy medicine cabinet does exist and the checklist also therefore gets lengthy. What are these special additions that assumes place in the cabinet? Let’s find out –



Folic acid and iron supplement – these nutrients have been recommended in more than normal doses because of the greater need of the active blood supplies to boost the fetus development. Have more of these after consulting your doctor who will prescribe the doses and timings.


Omega 3 fatty acids – omega 3 fatty acids are considered vital for the healthy development of baby’s brain and nervous system and also the eye development. Experts have been offering doses in the range of 200 – 300 mg of omega 3 fatty acid supplements to the pregnant ladies to make up the deficiencies; as the required doses are not available through the active common diets.


Calcium supplement – Calcium is very essential during pregnancy as it helps in building the bones of the baby. The requirement of this mineral shot up after the second trimester in pregnancy when the bone development is synergized.

The lady should ensure through med check ups that the required dose is actually available through food or else she should be having the supplement, preferably in carbonate form. If this deficiency is left unattended then it could cause the removal of excess of Calcium from the lady’s body and lead to osteoporosis.


Constipation – a common problem in pregnancy, there should be remedy in your med cabinet for the same. You can consult your doctor for that! Do not over indulge in laxatives.


Gas – excess of gas and belching could be a problem during pregnancy. Arrange a gas reliever as per your doctor’s consultation.


Hemorrhoid – medicated antiseptic wipes are preferred for the hemorrhoid problems that are common in the pregnancy time. The growing pressure from the bulging uterus makes the passages as somewhat loose also.


Acne fighter – never rely on the retinoids and the like medications for getting rid of pregnancy acne. Rely more on simple anti bacterial soaps and moisturizers which are water based.


Sunscreen lotion – dark patchy skin may emerge at the face as a result of pregnancy induced tanning. Arrange a good sunscreen that is natural and less on chemicals.

With this checklist most of your pregnancy induced issues could be taken care off. Good day!


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Old Baby Crib Is Broke; Time To Have A New and Better One This Time


Baby cribs appear in the mind as a must complement to a couple expecting an angel in the prospects. Designed as the mini beds with mounted fences in wood or plastic or steel, these offer the best means to keep the baby comforted and have a sound sleep without any disturbance. ‘

Cribs are designed as items of direct utility for baby nurturing and caring. These are also cherished for life by the parents who find in it some sort of reflection of the cheered moments of their life. The vendors have been designing variety of these in different forms, dimensions and also materials.

If yours older model that helped you out during your first experience has gone fragile then you can bank upon the new ranges which are better. In this manner you would also be having a modern one which is being offered as more functional!



Keep your angel safe from harmful chemicals; unpolished cribs are good!

Always take note of the material of the crib as this is of fine importance. To find the best baby cribs and If you’re a dweller of a colder region for most part of the year then it would always be better to have a wooden one which is well fitted and unpolished & plain without any artificial varnishes or paints. The reason of it being made in wood is that it would serve to insulate from the cold and chilly weather conditions.

The latter counsel of choosing an unpolished crib design is to ensure that none of the harmful chemicals reaches your angel. The paint and varnishes necessarily release micro particles that could be inhaled by the baby. The new age crib designs have been offered by the leading vendors of repute after taking into account these parameters. So if you are thinking that you get your older broken crib refurbished, it would be better to go for a new one.



Look out for the functional cribs

Cradle cribs are also now available in the market wherein through a mechanical lever function; the crib can be turned into a sporty pendulum to soothe the nascent senses of the baby. Look out for other functions as well such as the integrated toying and engagement attributes that are offered as the toys and musicals that hang from above.

The baby can remain engaged with these elements and you can feel free to take up the household tasks. Choose your suitable one and watch your love comforted and safe in it! These would be really the moments to love and retain!


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Buy The Best Baby Monitor Present In The Market


It is the job and responsibility of parents to keep their babies safe and protected at all times of the day as well as night. This job is even tougher in the case of new born and toddlers who cannot be left alone for even one second.

Even when these babies are sleeping, it is important that an eye is kept on them all the time. This can prove to be a tough and tiring job for the parents. However, with the help and use of a good infant optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz digital video baby monitor, this task can be made slightly easier.




Some of the major advantages of using a good quality baby monitor in your home for your kid are as follows:



Allows Parents The Time To Relax Mentally

With the help of these baby monitors, parents are able to hear and see their kids even when they are not in the same room as the baby. This is very reassuring and comforting for the parents. Knowing at all times that your kid is safe and happy gives immense peace of mind.




Rest Is Important For Both Baby And The Parents

Just as it is important for the babies to have their complete share of rest, similarly, it is necessary for the parents too, to get a good rest especially during the nights. However, if your baby is sleeping in the next room you will have to make constant trips to the other room to constantly check on your child.

This leaves you shuttling between the two rooms and not getting any rest for yourself. By installing a baby monitor which can transmit the sound and visual of your baby sleeping you will be able to save yourself from these night walks. There are some monitors available in the market, which come with alarm systems which ring whenever certain events like a drop or rise in the temperature of the baby’s room, baby stops breathing, etc. occur.


infant optics


Keep a Watch On Your Babysitter

With the help of these baby monitors, you can also keep tabs on how your babysitter is treating and behaving with your child when you are not around.

Thus, these monitors go a long way in ensuring the safety of your child and also providing the parents with the much needed rest and peace of mind. However, it is important to choose a good baby monitor from the array of baby monitors that are available in the market.

Infant optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz digital video baby monitor is a really good baby monitor which is currently available in the market. Some of the great which this monitor has and all other good baby monitors must have are as follows:


Sensitive Microphone – This is one of the most basic yet most important features of a monitor. It should have a microphone present in the monitor which should be highly sensitive to even the slightest of noises in the room.

Quality Screen – The screen of the monitor should be able to transmit a clear vision of the baby sleeping. It should be able to work well even when there is bright light present in the room or when the room is pitch dark.

Higher Distance Coverage – the monitor should have a free digital wireless transmission system which should be able to transmit signals within a range covering at least your entire house.

Effective Data Encryption – the monitor should have an Automatic Frequency Hopping System, which will help in the effective and clear encryption of data transmission between various channels.

The Baby monitors have become a basic necessity for parents today and it is important the buying decision about them should be made in an informed manner.

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Feelings And Emotions Of A Woman Soon To Become A Mom

Becoming a mother is one of the most natural progressions in the life of a woman. However, the emotions that come along with this progression are something which no woman in the world can be prepared for.

People expect a soon to be mommy to feel happy and radiant by the news of approaching motherhood, but do women really feel this? Are happiness and content the first emotions which women feel when they come to know for the first time that they are about to become a mom? You would be shocked to know that happiness is not the first emotion which a woman feels when she finds out about her pregnancy.


I’m Soon Going To Be A Mom!

For most of us, the exclamation mark placed at the end of the above sentence denotes the feeling of a to-be mom. But the truth is the first time a woman realizes that she is soon going to be the mother of a child, she feels scared and horrified by the realization. Becoming a mother and bringing a new life into this world, carries a lot of responsibility with itself.

No matter how efficient and confident the female may be, raising a child brings in loads of doubts and fears into her life which is hard to live with. Even the smallest of decisions that she makes can have major consequences on the future life of the child and hence, taking on this responsibility can be a very scary feeling. It has been observed that women tend to become extremely nervous after receiving the news of their pregnancy.

Many people attribute this changed behavior to the changes in the female hormones, which accompanies pregnancy, but the truth might be that the female be actually be nervous and scared by the thought of soon becoming a mother and taking on the responsibility of a child.

In spite of all the fears and doubts which a woman feels during her pregnancy, motherhood still remains the most beautiful and wonderful emotion in the world. There are no words present in the world which can truly define the blissful feeling that motherhood is. 

From the moment a woman comes to know about her pregnancy, she develops a bond with her child and this bond is stronger than any other bond present in the world. When you hear the words, ‘I’m soon going to be a mom’, know you are meeting the happiest person in the world.

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Tips Which Can Guide Your Decision Regarding How To Buy A Stroller

Strollers are something which every parent needs and every child hates. The age at which children are mostly carried around in strollers is the age when the kids start to crawl and walk and hence they hate being tied up in a stroller.

But, for parents to keep the kids in control while they step out of their house becomes extremely essential at this stage and hence the need and importance of buying a good stroller which will not just hold your child down firmly and safely but will also make the experience a pleasurable one for the kid too.

Below are a few tips which will help you in buying a good stroller for your baby:




Test Drive Is A Must

Before you make the final buying decision about any stroller, you must take the stroller out for a test drive. It is through this test drive that the parents will be able to fully understand the maneuvering capabilities of the stroller. This will help them in deciding if the stroller is worth their money or not.



Folding Ease Of The Stroller

There are times when you need to take out and fold back in the stroller many times a day and therefore, The ease of folding of the stroller becomes an essential feature to look out for when selecting a stroller. You should be able to do it easily with just one hand.



Select The Type Of Stroller Needed By You

 Since the stroller is a necessity for every parent, therefore, almost all manufacturers involved in the business of baby products offer a wide range and variety of strollers. Thus, when you go out in the market, you realize that there are many different types of strollers like travel systems, stroller frames, standard and lightweight strollers, joggers, umbrella strollers and many other types are present in the market with varying functionalities.

One should carefully understand the features of each of these types of strollers and based on their personal needs, select the type of stroller most suited to their requirements.



Do Not Get carried Away

Just as there are many different types of strollers available in the market, similarly, these strollers are present in a wide range of prices as well. It is important to stick to your budget and find a stroller which is available in your budget and is still of good quality. You can also try to find some good deals which may be present online on your selected stroller.

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